Aircrack-ng APK 1.6 Download For Android (ROOT)

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Jan 27, 2023
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Aircrack-ng APK

Download The Latest APK Version of Aircrack-ng APK Download For Android (ROOT). An Android Tools Apps download Yours Now.

Aircrack-ng APK is a set of tools to analyze wireless networks. It can sniff, crack, and crack WEP and WPA passwords.

Aircrack-ng is a free tool to monitor wireless networks around you. It can guess WEP and WPA passwords. You can get the wireless password of your neighbours. You can check if your wireless password is safe.

Aircrack-ng is a powerful wireless network analyzer. It is the most popular wireless security tool. 

Aircrack-ng is a tool pack to monitor and analyse wireless networks around you and put them to the test.

It is a wireless hacking tool to find out whether a wireless network is secured with WEP or WPA encryption, and if it is, to crack the password.

It can check for ESSID (Extended Service Set Identifier), BSSID (Basic Service Set Identifier), SSID (Service Set Identifier), password length, key strength and other parameters.

Aircrack-ng supports both WEP and WPA. It can detect the type of encryption used and crack it. It supports both WEP and WPA.

This is a tool pack to monitor and analyse wireless networks around you and put them to the test. It can guess WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) and WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access) passwords.

Aircrack-ng is a wireless security tool. It can crack WEP and WPA passwords for the 802.11b/g and 802.11n standards. It can also test for EAPOL-Key handshake weaknesses.

The program consists of two parts. One part is used to attack a network and another to analyze the results. The attack part is done with the help of a dictionary and an internal brute-force attack. To analyze the results, the program uses a large dictionary of known Wi-Fi passwords, a brute-force attack and a few statistics to generate a score for each attack.

This is a free software distributed under GNU GPL license. The program does not require installation, just run it and let it do its job.

Features of Aircrack-ng APK

Detect wireless networks nearby

Aircrack-ng APK can detect nearby wireless networks and display the information in a user-friendly interface. If you’re connected to a wireless network, you’ll be able to see its SSID and signal strength. You can choose to connect to that network by scanning for open access points.

You can also view the MAC addresses of the access points and the BSSID (MAC address of the associated station). The BSSID is the MAC address of the access point, which is displayed in the upper left corner of the screen.

Recover hidden wireless networks

In addition, this tool also provides a graphical interface to show you all the information about a network and its security parameters, including the encryption method used by the network, the level of protection (WEP or WPA), the current status of the network, the available keys, and more.

This is the world’s best tool to monitor and crack wireless networks around you. It is able to detect wireless networks around you and check if they are open or closed. It can guess WEP and WPA passwords and can be used to crack them. It can also check if the password is weak and guess a weak password.

The software is free and open source and is constantly developed by a team of volunteers.

Monitor and crack wireless networks

Wireless network monitoring is a great tool to get an overview of the wireless networks around you. With the help of this app, you can scan the wireless networks in your vicinity and check whether they are secured or not. This app will also show you the available information about the security type of the network.

You can also take advantage of the cracking feature of this app to break into the network. The cracking feature is a way to decrypt a WPA password. It’s a useful tool to be able to decrypt WPA passwords.

Crack WEP and WPA-PSK passwords

This is the only tool available for Android to crack WEP and WPA-PSK passwords. If you want to hack into someone else’s wireless network, Aircrack-ng is the right choice for you.

This is able to crack WEP and WPA-PSK passwords in seconds. The tool has been tested against many common and commercial WEP and WPA-PSK password combinations, as well as a number of well known vulnerabilities

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