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Last Updated on Mar 18, 2024
✰✰Apk Share Bluetooth✰✰ - is a app manager that helps Share , Uninstall , Backup and Manage.
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Mar 18, 2024
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Apk Sharer /App Sender Bluetooth APK

Download The Latest APK Version of APK Sharer /App Sender Bluetooth APK. An Android Productivity App downloads Yours Now.

Innovative APK Sharer APK revolutionizes app sharing on Android devices, offering a swift and effortless solution. Seamlessly transfer apps between multiple devices with ease. This cutting-edge app boasts a streamlined function for sending apps swiftly and efficiently.

Enjoy the convenience of sending apps to devices connected to your network. Whether via Wi-Fi connectivity or Bluetooth, Apk Sharer /App Sender Bluetooth simplifies the process, eliminating the need for an internet connection.

Discover this user-friendly app on the Google Play Store, available for free. Its intuitive interface allows you to select and send apps effortlessly. With just a few taps, transfer the desired app to any compatible device effortlessly.

Leverage Bluetooth technology to transmit APK files to multiple devices simultaneously. This straightforward application ensures a hassle-free experience, enabling seamless file transfers between devices and even across platforms.

Say goodbye to cumbersome methods and embrace the simplicity of sharing files via Bluetooth. No more hunting for devices or dealing with intricate procedures. Apk Sharer APK empowers you to share applications effortlessly and efficiently, making it the ideal choice for modern file-sharing needs.

Features of APK Sharer /App Sender Bluetooth APK

Uninstall the application easily with one click

Revamp your uninstallation process effortlessly! Through a server request, you can bid farewell to any unwanted applications. Apk Sharer /App Sender Bluetooth APK ensures security by authenticating users with registered biometric devices before initiating the server request. User identity confirmation precedes the request transmission.

Stay online as the server verifies user identities.

Please note that lacking the appropriate biometric device will render this action inaccessible.

Manage all your installed apps with this app manager

Explore the functionalities of Apk Sharer /App Sender Bluetooth, your ultimate app manager for sharing, uninstalling, backing up, and managing applications.

This app simplifies the process of finding and uninstalling recently installed, large-sized applications with just one click. While managing system apps is possible, please note that uninstalling them requires root permissions.

Apk Sharer /App Sender Bluetooth enables you to discover all installed apps on your device and categorize them based on their size. Additionally, it offers a convenient backup feature for all your installed apps. You can easily share apps with friends by sending them via Bluetooth to other devices.

Effortlessly manage your apps and remove unwanted ones using this comprehensive app manager.

Backup your apps and app settings

Apk Sharer /App Sender Bluetooth App offers a seamless experience in finding and uninstalling recently installed, larger applications with just one click. Additionally, it allows you to manage system apps, although uninstalling them requires root permissions.

Furthermore, this app facilitates backing up and restoring your apps and their settings. You can easily backup your applications and their settings, allowing for hassle-free restoration when needed.

Utilize Apk Sharer /App Sender Bluetooth to effortlessly manage and uninstall recently installed, larger applications, and to backup and restore your apps and their settings with ease.

Find the last installed apps

This application assists in locating recently installed, larger applications and enables easy one-click uninstallation.

While system apps can be managed, please note that uninstalling them without root permissions is not feasible.

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