10 Best App Lock For Android 2021

Hello, friends If you are searching for Best App Lock For Android 2020. Then you landed on the right blog. In this post, I will suggest to you some amazing app lock apps which are very popular among all android users. These app lock apps will help you hide your private things and apps. That you want to protect from others. So that your privacy remains. If you have any suggestion please mention in the comment section. These app lock for android are being pickup through research.  

Best App Lock For Android



AppLock is a prominent Android lock application that is favored by a ton of clients. You can utilize it to secret word ensure a particular application on your telephone and anticipate unapproved get to. It enables you to conceal photographs and recordings from the display and store them in a private vault. After you introduce this Android lock application, you should make an ace example lock and use it every time you get to the application.

You can even conceal the application symbol from the application cabinet with the goal that gatecrashers can’t get to it effectively. A very popular app in this of Best App Lock For Android. Also, you can set distinctive profiles to bolt unique applications, add a phony spread to bolted applications, empower unique mark acknowledgment, and so on.  


2.Norton App Lock


Norton is a major name in the field of antivirus programming merchants. In any case, the organization additionally offers an advertisement free Android application locker. You can bolt up to your applications by a PIN/design, or a unique mark scanner.

Aside from verifying your apps It additionally enables you to protect photographs, forestall uninstallation of the applications, and catch pictures of gatecrashers. Norton App Lock gives a proposal list where it recommends the applications that you should bolt up. It is enlarged with a lot of highlights. In any case, it can at present be a suitable decision and carries out its responsibility sensibly well.


3.AppLock – Fingerprint Unlock


AppLock-Fingerprint Unlock by Cheetah Mobile is a lightweight Android application lock that enables you to utilize your unique mark sensor to bolt applications. You can likewise utilize an example or make a numeric PIN to bolt telephone application.

Aside from the standard applications, you can likewise utilize it to bolt the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, approaching calls, and your telephone Settings. It has a “Gatecrasher Selfie” include that can snap a photograph of whoever neglects to open your applications. You can likewise redo the lock mode and set a clock for it. This Android lock application is completely free without any advertisements.  


4.Privacy Knight

Protection Knight is of one the best application lock for Android that covers some fantastic highlights to verify your applications. It is without advertisement and does not contain any in-application buys. The application gives you distinctive strategies to bolt your applications. You can utilize a PIN/design, unique finger impression scanner, face following, or a Disguise spread, for example, to blow, shake, or utilize an accident message to open.

You can conceal private photographs and recordings, anticipate uninstallation of the applications, conceal warning sneak peek from applications, and so on. It can likewise catch an image of any individual who types the wrong secret word. Even though not as prominent as other application locks for Android. It has practically all the fundamental highlights.  


5.Perfect AppLock


Immaculate AppLock gives you a chance to verify any application on your gadget with a PIN, design, or a signal secret word. Aside from the outsider applications, you can bolt up to your Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and web information. It has a “Screen Filter” highlight where you can oversee the screen splendor of individual applications and a turn-lock to avoid undesirable screen pivots.

The implicit camera can snap a picture of the interloper after three fizzled endeavors. Additionally, you can bolt cordial and approaching calls, and it can likewise show counterfeit mistake messages on bolted applications. Every one of the capacities is accessible for nothing, and the application is promotion bolstered.   




LOCKit is another great application locker for Android which can likewise watch your private documents. You can utilize the application to bolt your telephone screen also. It has a worked in a document scanner, telephone promoter, and notice more clean. You can utilize a PIN or an example to make your lord secret phrase. You can even conceal the example draw way and make it imperceptible or show a rearranged console while composing.

Also, this Android application locker enables you to conceal your private photographs and recordings from your exhibition and secure them inside discrete vaults. It’s a complete pack of protecting privacy which best feature of them in this list of Best App Lock For Android. There is a power sparing mode, interloper selfie, and you can likewise empower it to forestall the uninstallation of bolted applications. It is free with no in-application buys and contains promotions.  


7.Applock-Fingerprint Pro


Applock Fingerprint Pro is a basic, however compelling application lock. You pick what applications to bolt. The application powers a unique mark filter to open them. It works with your gadget’s unique finger impression scanner and it appears to function admirably by and large. It additionally works with example and content passwords also. Some different highlights incorporate a picture vault, some additional security settings, and that’s just the beginning. It has a couple of irritating bugs all over.

It has a fingerprint app locking feature which quite good. In our Best App Lock For Android. In any case, we expect the designer will fix those in future updates on the off chance that they haven’t when you perused this.

We suggest giving it a decent attempt before the discount time is upon the grounds that this application costs $4.99 with no free form. In any case, in addition to the side, it additionally has no advertisements and no further in-application buys. This equivalent engineer has a free app lock, however, it’s not the equivalent application.  


8.Secure Lock For Apps


First on our rundown of best application locks for Android is a secure lock for Apps. It is one of the most astute and best applications to bolt applications introduced on your Android and to keep private data sheltered and secure.

As the application is introduced it permits you to set a password with the goal that you can begin verifying your applications and information in a matter of seconds. Application Locker even permits to utilize Fingerprint secret phrase if Android 6.0 or above is utilized. This app additionally has a component to recuperate passwords if you overlook them.

This application does not impact client information to outsiders, this makes it the best App Locker for Android. A magnificent element of this application is it is sans advertisement and doesn’t hoard on your telephone battery.  



9.LOCX App Lock


LOCX App Lock is a standout amongst the best application locks for Android, which causes you to secure your lock applications, mystery photographs, recordings, messages, and then some. It enables you to shroud private photographs and recordings in the vault to keep them avoided by gatecrashers.

App lock for Android is now an essential thing in android smartphones.  It additionally empowers you to bolt messages, contacts, exhibition, or telephone settings. I will suggest trying this as your app lock for android smartphones. This application lock is quicker and light-weight so it doesn’t take a ton of room on your telephone.  


10.Smart AppLock Pro


Brilliant Applock is a standout amongst the best App Lock for Android 2019. This app enables you to bolt your applications, private information. Approaching calls and settings. In terms of security, it’s the most trusted app in our list of Best App Lock For Android.

Smart AppLock Pro offers the different choice to ensure our protection, we can utilize stick, for example, secret phrases, and signals, and unique marks (accessible for Samsung gadgets with unique mark scanners) also. I think it’s also a good app lock for android smartphones. It snaps the photo of the interloper and sends it to your enrolled email address. Smart AppLock Pro enables you to change the symbol to camouflage Applock to a Secret Dialer

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