12 Best Calendar Apps For iPhone 2021

Hello, friend. In this post, I will recommend you some amazing best Calendar Apps For iPhone or iOS. If you are an iPhone user or Mac user then this post is beneficial for you

These Calendar Apps For iPhone are very useful for checking dates and events. So kindly go through this post. hope you will find some good best Calendar Apps For iPhone.


Best Calendar Apps For iPhone



Accompany unites calendar and contact the executives includes so you can up your gathering prep An amusement.

Agree to accept the administration with your work email record, and Accompany transforms itself into your portable head of staff.

Collecting point by point profiles for individuals and organizations in your up and coming occasions and gatherings.

All of which you can turn upward on the fly or counsel by means of an Executive Briefing messaged to you the night before the occasion.

You can look into your last correspondences with contacts, their online networking posts, or news stories highlighting them.

Just as organization profiles, budgetary reports, and news, which means you’ll never stroll into a gathering ill-equipped.




Japanese calendar application SaiSuke accompanies 11 diverse view modes, complete with scene and picture backing to exploit iPhone and iPad screens.

That is particularly useful on the iPad, because of split-screen support. Occasion formats make it simple to include sections.

And a configurable interface and shading subjects give you some space to set the interface to how you like it. A drawback, however, is that multi-gadget synchronizing requires an excellent update.




The structure is basic, defaulting to a streamlined motivation perspective on your timetable. Making new occasions is similarly as natural.

Tap the blue + in the base corner, and another occasion opens. Begin composing the title, and the majority of the subtleties grow for altering.

Yet, what separates 24me is the mix of calendar, undertakings, and notes across the board app. Rather than jumping forward and backward.

You can tap once to switch and view your forthcoming undertakings, for now, tomorrow, the coming week, and later.

One other emerge highlight the programmed telephone call in. Rather than duplicating or record your phone call numbers and access codes.

A solitary tap in 24me calls and logs you inconsequently. For whatever length of time that conferencing information is incorporated into the occasion subtleties, you’re ready.


4.Apple Calendar


The Apple Calendar pre-installed calendar app on your iPhone showcases all the simple views, ease of use, and design that Apple is known for.

Tap the month or year in the top left corner to zoom out from day to month to year. Tap Today in the bottom left corner to return to today. It all makes sense.

It isn’t designed to be pretty—it’s designed to be seamless on the iPhone, and it is. It’s the perfect base calendar app with all the no-nonsense features you need and nothing you don’t.

Sync your other calendars to add and edit all your events, and create and share iCloud calendars with a few taps.

Apple Calendar automatically syncs with Maps to offer you intelligent alerts that take travel time and current traffic into account and notify you when it’s time to leave.

Apple Calendar syncs with other calendars like Google and Outlook, so you can bring work and home life together. This calendar app is preinstalled in your iPhone which one of the best calendar apps for iPhone.

It’s as easy as going into your settings, selecting Passwords & Accounts, and logging in to your email.


5.Awesome Calendar


Keeps it pretty simple with basic design and function. You can switch between a handful of view options)by tapping the eye icon at the bottom of the screen.

And the calendar syncs with Apple’s native calendar, which makes it easy to make that initial switch.

The app fully supports natural language event creation a feature that dramatically cuts down the time and effort it takes to create new events.

Tap the +, type in something like “dinner with Sarah tomorrow at 5,” and Awesome Calendar translates your text into the title, date, time, and other event details. Click Save, and you’re done.

Representing them in bars at the top of the Day view. And for those who want quick access in your iPhone’s Today view, Awesome’s creators offer a separate widget app called WidgetCal.

Speaking of view options, Awesome Calendar claims one of the most unique features we found: Filofax view.

It looks like the Filofaxes of yore complete with a 3-day view, page-turning, and spiral binding transcribed onto your iPhone.

Awesome Calendar boasts one of the higher price tags of the apps we tested, but if you find yourself longing for your old Filofax, it might be worth the spur.


6.Fantastical 2


Fantastical 2 is one of those apps that makes it onto almost every “best of” list and it more than lives up to the hype. The Fantastical 2 app marries attractive, intuitive design with the robust features power users need.

The standard agenda view is clean and succinct. Colorful bars along with the top help you visualize multi-day and overlapping events and judge how busy a given day is with a glance.

Colors show which calendar an event belongs to the screenshot, blue events are on our personal calendar and green on our work calendar.

Pull down from the top to view the entire month. Tap Settings in the top left to enable Siri integration and create shortcuts. On the Today screen, scroll to the bottom and tap Edit, then enable Fantastically.


7.Google Calendar


If you use the Google Calendar web app, you’ll feel right at home in the iPhone app. Good in feature in our list of top best calendar apps for iPhone.

It goes without saying that the calendar integrates seamlessly with the entire suite of Google products. It’s a fun (and helpful) way to see what’s coming up on your schedule.

Google Calendar offers five different view options (Schedule, Day, 3 Day, Week, and Month), and switching between them is as simple as tapping the top left menu and selecting the view you want to see.

We’re partial to the Schedule view (middle screenshot above), which is the right combo of detail and bird’s-eye view.

You can also enable the widget to view upcoming events in your iPhone’s Today view. Automatically add events—like flight reservations or out-of-office settings—from Gmail into your calendar.

And when you start typing a location, the app will offer suggestions from Google Maps.

Tap the multicolored + in the bottom right, and you can choose to create a new out of office, goal, reminder, or (the default) event.

Invite guests, add web conferencing details, or attach files from Google Drive right from the event creation screen. One of our favorite features in Google Calendar is event illustrations.

This Calendar App is one of the Best Calendar Apps For iPhone coming from google for ios devices and iPhone users.



8.Microsoft Outlook Calendar


This Calendar App is one of the Best Calendar Apps For iPhone coming from Microsoft for ios devices and iPhone users. At the top of your screen, tap the second icon from the right to switch views.

On Agenda and Day views, the default shows you two-week blocks—pull down on those two weeks to see and scroll through months.


Using Outlook Calendar requires a Microsoft Office 365 subscription, which ranks it the most expensive app on our list.

But if your company already uses Outlook email, it’s the best calendar option to bring email, schedule, and contacts together in one place—making it a no-brainer download.

On top of that, you can sync other calendars you may use with Outlook.

So it’s easy to centralize your work and personal schedule in one app. This is the best calendar apps for iPhone from Microsoft you can get from the app store.

Your Outlook calendar is automatically shared with those across your company, too. Dawn Calendar is dead. Long live… Outlook? Dawn Calendar’s days were numbered when Microsoft got it.

But on the other hand, it’s given a calendar and booking shot in the arm to Outlook (Android, iOS).

Notwithstanding its incredible email capacities and MS Office application mix, Outlook on portable has been enhancing its planning and occasions capacities, with new Calendar App tie-ins for Facebook.

Evernote and Wunderlist, occasion bearings from your preferred mapping apps, and another “Intriguing Calendars” highlight that you can buy in to for things like games amusements and TV appears.




From the moment you open the app, it’s obvious Peek was designed for simplicity. 

When it comes to settings, you can change the color theme, turn sound and vibration on/off, turn shading gesture on/off, and set the week to begin on either Sunday or Monday.

That’s where the customizability begins and ends. Many of the features and functions rely on gestures:

Tap to open and close each day’s agenda, tap and hold to create a new event, shake to view upcoming reminders, and swipe left for the menu.

There’s a bit of a learning curve with those gestures (swipe left and tap Guide to see the list).

But they make room for the cleanest design on our list.

In the main view, Peek only shows the most vital info—the date and an indicator of whether or not you have events scheduled on that day.


10.Time page


Moleskine’s Time page app is easily customizable when it comes to looks: You have your choice of 15 color themes or black and white and a toggle for brightness.

The app only offers two main view options. It opens in Agenda view; swipe right to view the month and a round-up of today’s events.

Tap to expand the day’s schedule or tap and hold to preview. Swipe left again to return to your agenda.

Time page calendar app is very simple among other calendar apps in our list of best calendar apps for iPhone.

But Time page is more than a pretty face. Unique features like a smart heatmap (shown in the top left screenshot above) make scheduling a breeze.

Showing you which days are jam-packed or wide open. The more opaque the circle around date is, the more events you have scheduled for that day.

And you can turn on Smart Alerts from the menu to get notified when it starts to rain or receive a daily briefing of your upcoming schedule.

The app is fully compatible with Siri and offers a few Today view widgets to choose from, so you can manage and view your calendar without even opening the app.

The only thing Time page is missing is natural language event creation—but fingers crossed we’ll see that in an update soon.


11.Time Tree


When you create a new event, tap Title, and TimeTree will offer suggestions and templates to make adding to your calendar a breeze.

The standard suggestions are meeting, lunch, a day off, part-time job, date, and dentist but TimeTree learns and improves these as you use the app.

After testing the app for just a few days, it added “Meeting with Jane” to our suggested events. It is one of the best calendar apps for iPhone in our list.

The app really sets itself apart when it comes to scheduling and sharing your calendar. When you create an event, toggle Keep an event without a date.

Once you save the event, friends and family can comment right inside. TimeTree to find a time and day that works for everyone.

It’s built with group scheduling in mind, so sharing your calendar (or a single event) is effortless—even with people.

Who doesn’t use TimeTree? Simply open the event, tap the three dots to expand the menu, and tap Share.

TimeTree also incorporates some features similar to social networking. With a feed of shared events and the ability to like, note your attendance, and comment.

If you spend a lot of time trying to schedule in groups, TimeTree will make your life easier.


12.Vintage Calendar


Vintage looks…different. You can choose from nine “color packs”—from Blue Suede to Pink to Bistro each of which dramatically changes the aesthetics of the app.

Scroll through days, and the blocks give you a sense of how busy or free you are. The taller the block, the more events you have scheduled for that day. Tap the corner icons at the top to expand or condense your days.


Vantage Calendar also includes a to-do list (complete with optional reminders) if you swipe right. Combining this with the app’s emphasis on a bird’s-eye view of your schedule gives you task management capability most calendar apps don’t offer.

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