10 Best iPhone Launchers For Android 2021

Hello, friend if you are looking for the Best iPhone Launchers For Android then you in the right place. Because of today in this post, I will suggest to you some amazing iPhone launchers that have several customizable choices.

If you’re not happy, you even have the choice to put in a number of the cool custom ROMs to alter the complete OS skin.  However, the age of ROMs is decreasing, as we have a lot of management over the customizing.

You’re not speculated to stop there; even there’s an associate choice to install iPhone apps on the automaton. Well, that has several problems which can or might not work.

With that being aforementioned, the funny half starts after you have some choices to urge started with the iPhone launchers.

Yeah, you’ll be able to get Apple iOS icon packs, interface, and transitions in an automaton with some equivalent iOS launchersThese all 10 iPhone launchers for android are pickup by the research team.


Best iPhone Launchers For Android

1.iLauncher X iOS12


The launcher X makes it to this rundown because of its straightforwardness and simplicity of working.

With a basic tap, it will supplant your Android smartphone symbols with iOS symbols. There more to go.

Notwithstanding, it constrains the customization alternative consequently keeping the launcher generally static. This application is very lightweight and quick.


2.Control Center IOS 12

Control Center IOS 12 is the associate merger of the vogue|old school} iOS style with a new one, which makes it unbelievably joyous whereas victimization.

The best part, you don’t have any limitations once it involves the contrivanceYou’ll be able to have up to eight. however ensure, it doesn’t build your robot smartphone slower.

They have 2 sorts one is i6 followed by i7, the later one in every of simply wonderful. You’ll expertise the $64000 iPhone UI blank wired or missing. except for that.

You’ll get powerful customization over the icon size and layout so you’ll be able to modification your smartphone look.

3.Phone X Launcher

With the Phone X Launcher, you can impersonate Apple’s lead smartphone on any Android cell phone.

However, influences it to look and capacity like an iPhone. You would love to see the iPhone-X like the score it includes best of your screenThis is a great app in the list of Best iPhone Launchers For Android.

4.One Launcher

One Launcher is that the handily iPhone launcher one may get for the humanoid. 

Very similar to iOS, all the apps icons area unit scattered over the house screen for a lot of precise expertise. Most of the apps area unit sorted based on the class, for a cleaner look and straightforward access.

One Launcher is a standout amongst the most stable iOS launchers to get on your Android smartphone. The application is a clone of what you get on the iPhone interface and it does it with a colossal level of exactness. You have got to allow sure permission on the humanoid candy and later versions.

One factor wherever it falls is within the customization area. That you don’t have enough choices to explore. you’ll flip off/off a few options like uninformed count, Stall et al., that’s all. It would have higher if it’s some tweaking choices. 

5.Control Panel-Smart Toggle

This specific application conveys the iPhone like control focus to your Android gadget. Inside the control board, you have alternate way flips like WiFi, Bluetooth, burn, quiet mode, screen timeout, Bluetooth, and multi-utilitarian choices like expanding or diminishing volume or the shine level of the Smartphone.

On the off chance that you have ached for the Control Center for Android, Control – Panel Smart Toggle is the one for you. This application is really an amazing launcher to experience iPhone iOS. 



iLauncher is a great launcher in terms of iOS experience in android devices. With some hefty customization choices and also a similar program like Apple iOS. iLauncher shines in several components.

It brings the dockless expertise wherever each app you have got is listed on the house screen itself like iPhone. If you didn’t realize it possible, you may perpetually switchback. Icons look appealing it didn’t feel this you’ll transfer and install from the play store. 

However, it’s enough for many of the users. Google’s current integration makes it enough additional convenience. It acts like Siri For automaton that could be a bonus.

The uninformed badge count is an eye-catching feature of iOS. However, it’s solely obtainable within the premium version that unlocks few additional gestures, transition effects at your disposal.

Delicate animations and sleek infinite scrolling assist you to crawl your smartphone screen with none lag. You’ll long faucet on the icons to edit and dislocate the icons to anyplace you want.

Drag Associate in Nursing drops an icon over different to form a brand new folder you’ll name it similarly. Drag your screen right down to bring the search menu and well several of the options.


7.xOS Launcher

SOS launcher which is another alternative one can consider for iOS-experience on Android smartphone. Another preferred standpoint of the SOS Launcher application is that it is good even with the section review smartphones.

To utilize the launcher on your smartphone you can either. Another preferred standpoint with xOS Launcher is that you would categories be able to your smartphone applications.

Along these lines, it will be simple for you to search for a specific application relying upon the sort of work you’ll wind up doing on your Smartphone.


8.Launcher for iPhone 8

It brings just about clone iOS expertise to your mechanical man at no price. The system icons area unit was replaced with Apple ones, even the non-system apps have rounded to match the iOS vogue.

It nails down most of the aspects, right from the transitions to the app gap vogue. The simplest half and my most favorite is the choice to customize the manner you wish it.

You’ll be able to regulate the horizontal-vertical app counts on the house screen, app icon size, name size, color & different aspects. I consider this launcher the best iPhone launcher for Android.

After all, it boils right down to the user preference. It additionally incorporates a weather appliance, simply add your town.

You’ll get an Apple-like weather appliance in the smartphone. If you didn’t am passionate about it, be at liberty to examine a number of the clock widgets it should assist you.


9.Launcher iOS 12

The name springs from the new iPhone 6 and so it’s simple to know that the app provides a similar user feel as of Apple iPhone 6.  Good in terms of performance in our list of best iPhone Launchers For Android. It is not a duplicate. 

You have got fascinating wallpapers to decide on from and also the My app screen makes quality on the screen a straightforward and fun job.

You Can even attempt the 6 Plus Launcher to install and launcher and plenty of others to expertise.

The iPhone themes on mechanical man phone. excluding that, you’ll be able to try and use this iPhone launcher for the mechanical man to create you’re mobile similar to an Apple device.


10.Phone X Launcher

This Launcher will transform your smartphone into a genuine iPhone X. 

Experience apple interface appropriate on your Android smartphone. It’s simple, with only a single tick, your telephone changes to the iOS style.

The launcher once included will include a similar level of iOS progress impacts. Alongside showing symbol packs and framework symbols on your smartphone.

Considering this list of iPhone launchers for Android it is best in terms of the experience of an iPhone.

Yet since the application has customization choice you can without much of a stretch change it as per your taste. 

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