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Last Updated on Mar 19, 2024
Classicboy Pro simulates dozens of classic game consoles/handhelds, let you play tens of thousands of retro video games on your Android devices.
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Mar 19, 2024
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Unleash the nostalgia of classic video games on your modern devices with ClassicBoy Gold APK, an all-inclusive emulator crafted for retro gaming aficionados. Dive into a world of timeless gaming experiences with this versatile emulator that boasts an array of features and broad compatibility, making it a favorite among gamers globally.

Features of ClassicBoy Gold APK

Delve into the myriad features offered by ClassicBoy Gold that elevate your gaming journey:

Multi-Console Support

ClassicBoy Gold lets you emulate a diverse range of gaming consoles, from PlayStation and Nintendo 64 to Game Boy Advance, NES, and more. This versatility grants access to an extensive game library spanning various platforms.

Customizable Controls

Customize your gaming experience with ClassicBoy Gold’s adjustable control settings. Tailor button layouts, key mappings, and touch controls to suit your preferences, ensuring seamless gameplay across different titles.

Save States and Cheat Codes

Take advantage of progress-saving features with save states in ClassicBoy Gold, allowing you to pause and resume games at any point. Moreover, unlock hidden perks and gain advantages in games using cheat codes.

High Definition Graphics

Experience classic games in high definition with ClassicBoy Gold’s advanced graphics rendering. Enjoy improved clarity and sharpness, enhancing the visual appeal of retro titles on modern screens.

Compatibility with Various Platforms

ClassicBoy Gold APK is compatible with a range of Android devices, including smartphones, tablets, and TV boxes. Its optimized performance ensures smooth gameplay, even on older Android versions.

Benefits of Using ClassicBoy Gold APK

Access a vast collection of classic games across multiple consoles.

Personalize your gaming experience with customizable controls.

Enjoy convenience and flexibility with progress saves and cheat code support.

Immerse yourself in enhanced visuals with high-definition graphics.

Experience seamless gameplay across various Android devices.

Comparison with Other Emulator Apps

ClassicBoy Gold stands out for its extensive feature set, multi-console support, and user-friendly interface, setting it apart from other emulator apps. Unlike specialized emulators, ClassicBoy Gold offers a comprehensive solution for retro gaming enthusiasts.

User Reviews and Ratings

ClassicBoy Gold has received acclaim from users for its performance, compatibility, and extensive game library. Positive reviews and high ratings on app stores reflect its popularity and reliability among gamers.

Tips for Optimizing ClassicBoy Gold Performance

Maximize your gaming experience with ClassicBoy Gold by following these tips:

Regularly update the emulator for access to new features and enhancements.

Adjust graphics settings to match your device’s capabilities for optimal performance.

Utilize save states strategically to safeguard progress and prevent data loss.

Explore customization options in the app settings to enhance gameplay.

Stay updated on compatibility updates for seamless emulation of specific games.


ClassicBoy Gold APK is the ultimate choice for reliving retro gaming nostalgia, offering a wealth of features, broad console support, and exceptional performance. Whether you’re a fan of classic PlayStation classics or nostalgic Game Boy adventures, ClassicBoy Gold delivers a seamless emulation experience on Android devices.


What is ClassicBoy Gold APK? ClassicBoy Gold APK is an emulator application that allows users to play retro games from various gaming consoles on their Android devices.

Is ClassicBoy Gold APK free to download? Yes, ClassicBoy Gold APK is available for free download. However, some advanced features may require a premium version or in-app purchases.

Can I use ClassicBoy Gold on iOS devices? No, ClassicBoy Gold is specifically designed for Android devices and is not compatible with iOS devices such as iPhones or iPads.

Does ClassicBoy Gold support multiplayer gaming? Yes, ClassicBoy Gold supports multiplayer gaming for certain games. However, the multiplayer feature may vary depending on the game and console being emulated.

How can I report bugs or issues with ClassicBoy Gold? You can report bugs or issues with ClassicBoy Gold by contacting the developer through their official website or app support channels. Provide detailed information about the problem for faster resolution.

What's new

- Updated emulation cores
- Fixed cheats function of VBA-M core
- Modified UI for TV mode
- Fixed entry of on-screen buttons editor
- Added return option in context menu during game running if any gamepad found
- Other minor fixes

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