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Last Updated on Oct 14, 2022
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The 1st pro DJ app on Android, downloaded by millions worldwide. Mix tracks in perfect sync on a powerful audio engine. Engineered & designed by Mixvibes, digital DJing pioneer for 15 years.
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05 February 2022
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Cross DJ Pro APK Download For Android

Download The Latest APK Version of Cross DJ Pro APK Download For Android. An Android Music & Audio Apps download Yours Now.

DJing can be fascinating if you know how to utilize it. From remixing your most loved tracks with your preferred settings to enriching your listening experience by adding unique audio effects, you are able to mix your audio tracks into whatever themes you like.

If you are one of those who want to start their own DJing career or want to learn more about the art of DJing it is now possible to use the fantastic application called the Cross DJ Pro to work freely on your musical creations.

With a wide range of features ranging from the basic to a variety of advanced options, Cross DJ Pro will ensure that you have fun working with its functions regardless of your previous experiences. If you’re intrigued by the app and want to know more, check out its capabilities through our comprehensive review.

What is it that they do?

In Cross DJ Pro, Android users can work with their DJ toolbox. It makes it incredibly simple for them to modify their music tracks and create numerous audio-based creations that are creative. Enjoy working with the features it offers and take advantage of professional audio engines that ensure that you’ll be able to make your ideal audio mix.

The helpful features of Cross DJ Pro will make certain that you edit and mix your tracks in perfect sync. Play around with these useful tools to create stunning pieces of editing the own audio tracks. Always make use of the easy-to-use app UI that will enable users to access all its features without difficulty. Additionally, the hardware is not demanding and will permit everyone Android users to have enjoyable DJing with Cross DJ Pro.


If you are interested, you can take advantage of the fascinating application Cross DJ Pro on the Google Play Store whenever you’d like. However, the premium version requires you to pay for it to be installed and unlocked.

In order to ensure that you don’t face any issues using all of the functions of the app Also, you must give the app all access rights that are required. Also ensure that you keep your Android devices up to date with the most current firmware versions, and preferably Android 4.4 and above.

Fantastic features

Here are the top features the app offers:

An intuitive app interface to use

In Cross DJ Pro, Android users will be able to enjoy the simple app UI that allows users to explore the in-app features that are available and get the most out of these features. Take a look at the standard DJ setup that comes with two decks, a crossfader and useful buttons such as cue play, sync and more. The big pad and the control button will ensure that you don’t miss taps on the controls. This ensures that you are able to easily manage the app and personalize the audio mix you’re using.

You can utilize the Separate tab settings within Cross DJ Pro to easily create two panels on the opposite sides of the device, which makes it much simpler for you to edit the music you have. Also using the portrait mode, one large single player allows you to edit in full options for selected tracks. Additionally, the large waveform view allows you to see the complete music track, and work using the cues available.

When scrolling through the menu, you are able to effortlessly navigate between different folders within Cross DJ Pro, using various user-friendly options. You are free to use the filters available to organize your music collection by title or artists, albums, lengths, and a variety of other categories.

To make it easier for users to browse all the library of music, Android users in Cross DJ Pro are now able to benefit from the intriguing color decks that allow them to select their preferred color configurations for their tracks.

It is compatible with multiple Android devices as well as external hardware

In Cross DJ Pro, Android users can benefit from the completely optimized application for tablets and smartphones. Additionally, for those using devices that have Intel processors You can be confident knowing that you’re fully assisted by the developers.

At the same time external devices like MIDI controllers can be used with Cross DJ Pro, allowing Android users to enjoy numerous features in the app. It is possible to connect it to a variety of available devices, including the Pioneer DDJ -SB and DDJ-WeGO2 U-Mix Control 1 and 2 as well as U-Mix Control Pro 1 and 2, Gemini Mix2Go and more.

Play around with various EQ options

If you are curious, you can play around with a variety of EQ options within Cross DJ Pro, which ensures that you are able to alter your playback experience in various ways. You can have fun using the 3-band mixer by using the available EQ presets that come with Cross DJ Pro. You can also create your own custom and personal settings to delight in the application. Allow the external mixer to manage the EQs and crossfaders of your hardware. Also, with the autogain options, you are able to automatically equalize tracks as well as enable auto sync functions.

Mix your tracks using perfect syncs

To make the application more engaging, Android users can now mix their tracks using the most perfect syncs options. Begin by having the precise BPM detection running on the music track. The steady sync using one-touch settings will ensure that the two tracks will never go out of tune. When you use the Quantize option, each of loops and hot cues will automatically adjust to match the appropriate beat. Also, you can change the BPM without impacting the tone due to Keylock mode. Keylock mode.

Don’t forget to utilize the handy key detection tool to detect the keys to songs and let the app make the best song combinations. You can use the manual and customizable pitch range that ranges from 4 and 100 percent. Take pleasure in the manual pitch bend that is progressive which will make your work considerably simpler.

Additionally, the precise beat-grid editing features will allow users to effortlessly sync all tracks. Also, don’t forget to work with the handy Automix function, which lets you become a professional DJ with no previous experience.

In addition, as previously mentioned the view of waveforms of Cross DJ Pro will allow users to quickly watch their tracks. Along with the helpful split audio setting users can check their songs prior to mixing them.

Compatible with a variety of music apps.

To make the application more enjoyable, Android users can now have the pleasure of working with full-featured music applications that will certainly enhance your DJing experience. Try it out Ableton Link using any of the Link-compatible apps. Mix music tracks and sounds using the help of your Soundcloud Go+ subscription. The list of possibilities is endless.

Amazing audio performance to listen to

To ensure that you’re satisfied with the experience you get from the app, Cross DJ Pro will offer a range of settings and effects, that can help you improve the quality of your audio to the maximum.

Prepare to enable real-life scratch sounds that will make your mix look like real. Set your music to low latency so that it will react immediately to your movements. Have fun working with various audio effects like Echo Low and High pass Chopper, Delay and more.

Make loops with a variety of different settings , ranging from 16 , to 1/32. Take advantage of the many samples included in the application. You can also record your own sounds and mix them with songs.

You can easily share your mixes on the internet.

If you are curious, you can simply share your recorded music through SoundCloud, Mixcloud, Facebook, Twitter, or many other social media channels. With various options this app can provide various smart export settings for users to choose from. So, you can ensure you’re totally content with your experience.

It is compatible with many audio file formats.

To ensure that you’re able to easily use the app and begin mixing your music, Cross DJ Pro provides full support for all audio formats. So, you’ll be able to enjoy the music files like MP3, AAC, FLAC WAV, AAC, and other audio formats with ease.

Enjoy a variety of amazing Cross DJ Pro mixers

To encourage users to begin your Djing journeys to further inspire them, you can now involve with the incredible group made up of Cross DJ Pro users. Follow a variety of great music creators on the web by subscribing the channels of their choice. Learn how to mix your music using Cross DJ Pro and many advanced apps of the mobile application

Download the no-cost and unlocked application on our website.

If you are looking to download the amazing mobile application that you can download now, you can get the unlocked and free app on our site. We offer totally unlocked in-app features as well as the ad-free app available to Android users. Simply download Cross DJ Pro Mod APK, install it on your device The Cross DJ Pro Mod APK Follow the instructions and then start using the app that is unlimited.

Final decisions

Together with DJing Mix, Android users will get another option in making and editing audio files. Learn the techniques of DJing and to enjoy creating your own unique masterpieces using the application. Don’t forget to opt for the upgraded version Cross DJ Pro to enjoy the full range of features absolutely no cost.

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What's new

Because you are the best DJs you deserve the best tools! This is why we keep improving Cross DJ for you to have the best experience during your mix.

What's new :
- Fix audio issue on Android 11+
- Fix issue when analysis was not running on background
- Enable SoundCloud public playlists
- Stability improvement

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