Funkin Debug1 APK 0.2.8 build 1 Download For Android

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Feb 08, 2023
0.2.8 build 1
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Funkin Debug1 APK

Download The Latest APK Version of Funkin Debug1 APK Download For Android . An Android Adventure Game download Yours Now.

You are going to play the game in which you have to convince your girlfriend’s father that you are a good singer and should be allowed to take her to a concert. In order to do this, you will have to compete with other contestants and win the battles. The only thing that will help you is the song that you sing, because it will determine who will win the battle and take your girlfriend to the concert.

In this Funkin Debug1 APK, you can choose from a large collection of songs, and the difficulty of each song is determined by the number of lines that you have to repeat. To increase the difficulty level, you can also increase the number of lines of the lyrics, and the number of repetitions that you must perform. The better you sing, the more points you get, and the more points you get, the more difficult the next song will be. The number of points that you get will depend on how many people vote for you, and will be visible on the screen.

Download Funkin Debug1 and show your girlfriend’s father that you are a great singer, and you will win his heart. And who knows, maybe he will even let you take her to a concert.

You are a rapper who wants to get a kiss from his girlfriend. To do so, you have to beat all the other rappers who want to dance with her. In this game, you will have to follow several challenges to prove that you are the best rapper. You will have to beat all the other rappers in each challenge.

The first challenge is to beat the other rappers in the rap battles. You can improve your skills by gaining experience. You can earn experience by winning a battle and you can lose experience by losing a battle.

The second challenge is to get a kiss from your girlfriend. You have to win all the challenges in order to achieve that goal.

You have to dance with your girlfriend to get the kiss. There are five dances in the game. Each dance corresponds to one of the challenges.

Features of Funkin Debug1 APK

Use your phone to create music and songs with more than 50 different effects

The Android version of the game has been designed with an easy and intuitive interface that allows you to take advantage of more than 50 different effects that can be combined to create musical compositions.

With Funkin Debug1 APK, you can create music and songs in a simple and intuitive way, thanks to the combination of different effects. You can use the built-in effects or download other effects from the Play Store.

You can even add your voice to the song by recording it with the microphone of your device. After that, you will be able to listen to your creation and share it with your friends.

In addition, you can also record your voice as a voice memo and then add it to the song. The same goes for the text that you will add to the song.

Singing and dancing to win coins and points

In Funkin Debug1, you must sing and dance to get a kiss from your girlfriend and then go back home. But the only problem is that she is mad at you because you made her lose the game. To do so, you need to convince her father and convince him that you are a good rapper. To do so, you have to use your voice and your dancing skills.

The game will have you sing and dance in front of the camera and the viewers will help you by voting in your favor. If you are one of those who love the game, we recommend downloading Funkin Debug1′ APK to try this game for yourself.

Get ready to battle against your friends on the same device

You may not know it, but the original version of this game was played on PC, and since then it has been completely adapted for smartphones. Now, thanks to the magic of technology, you can play with your friends on the same device. This means that if you want to invite your friends to play with you, you only need to connect your devices to the internet and you’re all set!

Download the game and you will be able to experience an incredible musical game that will allow you to win the attention of your girl, as well as beat your friends on the same device.

Use different types of sounds and effects

In this game, you can use different types of sounds and effects to create a more realistic experience. However, it is not necessary to use every sound or effect available, as some of them can be quite annoying. Therefore, we recommend you to use only those that are essential to your performance, and you can always add more if you feel the need.

Download Funkin Debug1‘ to be the best rapper in town.

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