High Risers: Bounce Off The Walls & Get As High As You Can!

High Risers

Sometimes we mood to play a simple but engaging game that refills our lost energy. High risers are the exact match for such mood. High risers for Android is the perfect combo of excitement and adventure along with the educational values. Android stores are overloaded with countless games that make it difficult to choose which one is good to play.

High Risers

If that’s your scene, we recommend you to try High risers’ Android game, where you need to just bounce the creature in the game, taking the support of walls and thereby preventing the creature to move in a wrong direction otherwise the game will over.

High riser’s app is an addictive gaming application designed by Kumobius that’ll keep the interest of the player in the game. You need to protect the game character from falling down and there’s golden parachute also for your rescue. High risers’ app download is absolutely free however there’re some in-app purchases that you can shop with the coins earned in the game. The sleek and colorful user interface encourages you to be in the game.

Game sounds are also supportive of the plan of the game. Like any other Android games, High risers is also divided into various levels and moving from one level to other is not that easy as it sounds. This games not only contribute to the enjoyment of the player but develops the ability to think rationally. It’s the best pass time game to remove your boredom and play something nice without further stressing yourself playing any high strategic game.

High Risers App Download

Along with the alluring description of this game, we’re also presenting the detailed step by step guide that’ll help you in high risers’ app download on your Android phone. Take a glance at it.

  • Use any Android phone or tablet with latest Android version.
  • Go to the apps menu.
  • Open Google play store app.
  • Go to search bar.
  • Search with High risers’ app there.
  • And the hit the search icon.
  • Select the topmost out of the list of games.
  • Tap on the game to enter into its details.
  • Tap the install button.
  • A pop up will appear asking for certain device permissions.
  • Click on Accept to grant those permissions.
  • You’re done!

As you tap on Accept, installation of a game begins on your Android device and you’ll be ready to rise high in the game.


High risers Android gaming app is the very lightweight game that could be played any time. It’s a good and enjoying game with interesting features that make it an addictive choice for you. The gameplay of High risers’ app is very smooth that makes it suitable to play for everyone. No matter you’re a kid or crossed 50, the game brings the same pleasure for all of its players. Android develops a huge platform for indoor gaming and this could be the reason that you’ll easily observe people around you busy with their Android phones.

All these games have their unique gameplay and features which makes them different from others. High Risers is one such Android game which is the best to play and release your stress. We’re sure that you’ll enjoy playing this wonderful and well-designed game. So go ahead and download High risers’ for Android and enjoy playing High risers’.

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High Risers
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