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Jio POS Plus APK Download For Android

Download The Latest APK Version of Jio POS Plus APK Download For Android. An Android Productivity Apps download Yours Now.

Jio has announced a new application specifically for Jio Partners i.e. jio pos plus app. This app was specifically designed specifically for Jio Retailer and this app can be a complete solution for retailers to manage all Jio customer-related tasks. Jio Retailers have the ability to charge their customer’s mobile and pay their bills give them a new Jio sims, activate their Jio sim, conduct digital KYC and so on. In this article, we’re going to give you every details and process for jio Pos Plus update or download Jio pos and apk with ease.

Reliance Jio is the first Indian mobile network operator to accumulate millions of customer databases in this short amount of period of time. The feat attained with Reliance Jio would not be possible if they hadn’t offered free services i.e. unlimited internet access, free calls and and SMS for a full year. after that, they taken over the entire telecom industry by offering massive amounts of data daily at a very reasonable cost. Before, we would pay more than Rs 300 for 1GB of 4G data, which is used for a whole month, but with Jio’s digital revolution, we’re receiving 1GB of 4G data or more each day, with unlimited calling throughout the month at the same cost.

Aren’t you impressed? In the wake of this, customers are moving towards Reliance Jio to reap the maximum advantages. Due to the growing number of users on the Jio database distributors, preferred retailers, and retailers began to show an interest in advertising Jio offerings and products to customers.

In the past, Jio retailers don’t have any platform that could perform all Jio related functions, but today, they don’t have to fret as much since Jio has announced a new Jio retailer app i.e. Jio Pos Plus update application that allows retailers to manage all of the Jio sims and products within the retail shop.

This app can be operated by Jio partners but not by Jio customers. You are probably wondering what I was referring to when I said Jio Partners? Right? Now, we’re going to show you right now.

An announcement: Jio has recently launched an innovative app i.e. Jiopos lite (almost the same name as Jio the pos app) where anyone is able to become a Jio associate or Jio partner. Although they share a names, these two apps differ in their operation. Jiopos Plus is exclusive to jio retailers the jiopos light app is available to all Jio sim user. You can find out more information about the app on JioPos’s lite app.

Who is Jio Partners?

Jio partners are those who conduct business i.e. by marketing Jio items and also making products accessible to the general public , or as we say Jio customers. The business model may be of any kind i.e. B2B (business to business) or B2C (business to consumer).

Different types from Jio Partners:-

  • Jio Distributor:The catalyst that allows the distribution of services and products to retailers and point of sale outlets that are wide and depth, as well as a variety of inventory.
  • Jio’s Preferred Retailer Large retail stores that showcase the full assortment of services and products and live demonstrations to increase Digital customer experience.
  • Jio retailer:Retail stores that sell the product and telecom services to the public.

There are three kinds of Jio partners. Jio Pos Plus was specifically designed and developed for third-party partners i.e. Jio retailers. Additional Jio associates i.e. Jio Distributor and Jio Preferred Retailer cannot use this app to manage their store’s activities. If you’re looking to become a Jio retailer, but don’t know how to go about it, go through this article how to become a Jio retailer.

We are about provide all the information about the jio Pos app’s advantages and features.

What exactly is Jio POS Plus?

Jio POS Plus app provides a single-stop solution to allow Jio retailers to manage all of their customers’ Jio sims or Jio product-related activities i.e. mobile recharge, bill payment digital or aadhaar electronic KYC devices, accessories sales and purchase, as well as manage inventory or stock and return products.

The features in the Jio Pos Application:

1.) Retailers are able to recharge their customer’s mobile number , and also pay their postpaid charges.

2.) Retailers can complete digital KYC for their customers in a matter of a only a couple of clicks.

3.) Connect another telecom operator’s customers under the Jio database i.e. by completing MNP porting using Jio plus application.

4.) Complete GST Registration of the client.

5.) Do Aadhaar eKYC registration of the Jio customer.

6-) The retailer is able to buy and sell the devices and accessories i.e. LYF devices and other accessories.

7.) Retailers can place orders for Jio products using the application.

8.) Retailers are able to manage their jio products’ inventory and stock with just a only a couple of clicks.

9) Retailers are also able to return JIO products back to distributors or to preferred retailers.

The benefits of the Jio Plus app

In the end, jio Pos app is designed to facilitate business transactions through Reliance Jio therefore there should be some income from the use of the application. Jio pos plus allows the management of products and services of Jio easy, and it also provides retailers a profit for using the application. Retailers earn a commission for bill or recharges and they also earn profits for activating a new Jio sims and bringing customers into Jio database.

Reliance Jio gives 4% commission on the entire amount of mobile recharges or bill payment. Retailers will also receive about 40 Rs to activate a new Jio customers i.e. they’ll earn 40 rupees for each new customer to the Reliance Jio platform.

The retailers also got a predetermined amount of cash incentives depending on the amount they sold of Jio products i.e. Jio phone, JioFi, LYF devices etc.

So far, we’ve given you every detail of the app, its features benefits, and features. Now there are concerns in your head i.e.

  • How do I install the Jio POS application?
  • How do I update Jio POS?

We are going to show you how for downloading or updating the application via the use of a third-party application or Jio pos plus app.

Steps for Jio Pos Plus Update or App APK Download:

The app isn’t available through the Play store, therefore the only method to download it is via other sources i.e. using a third-party app, or downloading Jio pos and apk from the direct.

Latest Update

Jio Pos plus has been made available to download on Google’s playstore. The most current version is v 1.2.3. To download the Jio Pos Plus app directly from Google Playstore follow these steps:

1.) Click here to the Playstore.

2.) 2. Click “Download”

3.) After installation, start the application

4) Login to your jio pos account

5) That’s it.

#1 Method – Through a Third-Party App :

There’s an app available in the playstore that provides jio APK and POS i.e. the latest version of the Jio retailers. The app’s name is Intelligent Hub app (Formerly Airwatch Agent). In this article, we’re going to give you some details about the intelligent hub , and then, we’re going to outline the steps needed to download the Jio Pos plus version update through air watch agent or the intelligent hub app.

The the Intelligent Hub App (Formerly AirWatch Agent App) :

The Intelligent Hub application (Formerly Airwatch Agent App) was launched through VMware Workspace ONE. It is the one location where employees can enjoy an enhanced user experience thanks to unison onboarding, catalogs as well as access to other services like People, Notifications, as well as Home.

download Jio Pos Plus Apk through Intelligent Hub App:

1) Download Intelligent Hub App From Here

2.) Start the app.

3.) You’ll be required to input your email or server’s address. Simply type in “” and then click “Next”

4.) 4. Enter “partners” into the group ID field , then click “Next”


5.) Give all permissions and sign in for your account.

6.) The app will show the home page of the app. Now, to download jio pos plus update version, click on “App Catelog”


7) There will be a window that will start the app using the browser. Select the browser that you’re using.

8.) The link you clicked will be opened within your browser. You will be presented with a list apps , and JioPos Plus app will be at first.


9.) Choose “Download” and “Update”

10,) Select “Update”


11.) 11) After jioPos app has been successfully downloaded You must verify whether your phone allows installation of the app that is not official or not , or else you’re likely to receive “Installed blocked error”. To verify “Allow installing the unofficial app or from unknown sources” go into “Settings” and then “Security”. There will be this option.


12) Select this option, then open the Intelligent hub app once more.

13.) 13) Click “Managed Apps” > “Tab to upgrade”

14) Continue the process.

That’s it. You’ve successfully downloaded Jio Pos Plus Update Version or the latest version.


#2 Method Use Latest Version of APK (Download URL) :

NOTE: Jio pos 12.6.4 has a few bugs that cause it to stop working as well as digital KYC glitch, and Jio was launching an updated version of the app i.e. 12.7.1.

App Info:

This app is able to access:App Permissions:

1.) Modify the system settings

  • This app could appear over other apps.

2) Take pictures and videos

3) Check your contacts

4.) Access the approximate location (network-based)

  • Access location with pinpoint accuracy (GPS and network-based)

5) Record audio

6) Text messages you receive (SMS or MMS)

  • Get messages in text (SMS)

7.) Modify or erase content from your SD Card

  • Explore the contents on your SD card

8.) Directly dial phone numbers

  • It could cost you money.
  • Find out the status of your phone and verify your identity

The permissions this application requires to be able to run within your gadget.

Jio Pos Plus For PC or Laptop:

People are also looking for jio pos plus PC download, but I’ll clarify that Jio did not launch any specific software that could run on laptops or computers, however should you wish to download the jioPos app for PC, then you’ll need the emulator i.e. Bluestacks. It is possible to run the Jio Plus application on your PC using the bluestacks application.


  • Download the BlueStacks App This Link (.exe download file)
  • After downloading is completed after successful download, right-click on the .exe file and select “Run in the role of administrator”
  • Choose the folder you want to open.
  • Accept all conditions and terms
  • Continue the process to complete the installation
  • That’s it. The app player is now be installed to your phone.
  • Start the app player, and visit our site i.e.
  • Download the latest version of Apk to install on the device.

That’s it. Now, you can use jio pos plus apk on pc.

Jio Pos Plus For iPhone or iOS or Jio Phone :

A lot of people are in confusion and are searching for answers to questions such as Do we have the ability to use Jio points on iPhone? and Can we use jio pos in Jio Phone? Here is the answer for you.

The app is accessible to Android people only. iPhone and Jio phone users aren’t able to make use of this app as of now because there’s no app on the market. This article will be updated when we get any details regarding the launch of the new app for iOS as well as iPhone devices, or Jio phone running with kai OS.

FAQ (Frequently Answered Fragen) :

Question 1 : How do I make use of the JIO Retail app’s to train?

Jio offers you instruction to use the application. It is easy to enroll for the mode of training simply by selecting a button. In this article, we’re going to guide our readers the best way to enter training mode within the Pos app?

  • Start the app
  • The screen you see will read :


  • Log in with your password and username, then click the “Training Mode” checkbox
  • Simply click on “Login”
  • You will begin reading a step-by-step guide for completing different tasks within the application. Just go through the options, and you’ll be able to comprehend everything you need to know about the app and how you can make use of it.

That’s it.

Q2 – What is the reason why Jio’s Pos Plus app is not available on the Play Store?

The app was specifically created and designed for Jio retailer. There is no requirement to gain millions of users on the app. You can upload the app to the Play store. Customers will have an access point to this app after they are an official Jio retailer.

Q3 – Is it possible for an existing Jio user use this application?

No. You can’t.

Q4 How do I sign up with Jio POS Plus?

You have to be a Jio retailer in order to make use of this application.

Q5How do I locate my Jio POS ID?

Once you have registered as a retailer you will receive the shop ID and login password from the distributor as well as JIO officials. These can be used to log in to the jio pos app update version.

Q6 I’m receiving “Agent authentication failed and error on OID” Error?

You’ve entered the an incorrect password and ID or you aren’t a retailer yet.


Question 7 : How do I utilize jio’s pos with forget your password?

  • Start the app
  • Select “Forgot Password”
  • Then, you’ll be able to see this page on your device.


  • Input your username i.e. your JIO retailer ID or shop ID.
  • Select “Continue”
  • OTP will be sent to you. OTP is sent to your mobile number registered with you and email address.


  • Enter the OTP on the next page.
  • Input a new password into both fields. (Make sure that the password is identical on both fields)


  • Simply click on “Continue”
  • That’s it. You’ve successfully changed your JIO pos as well as your password for login.

Q8 I’m receiving “User isn’t present within OIAM” Error?

You’ve either entered a incorrect username or are not yet registered as a retailer the moment. Contact your local distributor or your reliance Jio store where you’ve applied to be a Jio Retailer.

Q9 – I’m getting “Failed to log in. Retry.” What is the error?

This error was reported to Android Pie users. The app previously wasn’t compatible with the most recent Version of Android i.e. android PIE. However, jio has launched the most recent version of the app that is compatible with the latest version of Android Pie. All you have to do is upgrade jio’s pos plus to the latest version.

Q10 – Why am I receiving “Your account isn’t able to be registered. Contact the administrator of your account, please make necessary changes as soon as possible” error?

This error occurs when your account isn’t activated or removed. It is recommended to contact the distributor in your area or go to any of the reliance JIO stores near you.

Q11 – Is downloading jio pos plus apk is secure?

Yes, this app is 100% safe.

Q12 – Why does my android phone doesn’t work with JIO POS application?

There are phones that do not support this application, so Jio has come up with a solution that will allow this app run on your non-supported phone too. Jio has created the library JioPos EKYC Library that can aid in running this app on smartphones. The question is where can you find this library , and how do you connect it to your phone?

  • The good news is that you don’t have to look for JioPosEKYCLibrary in any place because if the device isn’t compatible with this application then you’ll see this pop-up whenever you launch the application.


  • Click “OK” to begin the installation process. A new window will be displayed on your device.


  • Simply click on “Install”
  • That’s it.

Q13 – How to check jio pos recharge history?

  • Go to ” Menu” > ” MIS & Reports


  • Select the box and you will be presented with numerous choices i.e. Store Sales, Department Sales CASHIER SALES, CASH Office MNMGT and ELECTRONIC JOURNAL. Choose ” ELECTRONIC JOURNAL” from the choices.


  • Simply click on ” Tap to select date“. Choose the date or time that you wish to view the details of and click ” Generate


  • There are various options such as the POS number, transaction numbers as well as cashier ID, tender name, customer information as well as authorization code and amount. If you wish to verify particular details, select it, or click ” All transaction


  • Then, you’ll be able to see the details of the transactions that occur within the time frame you to select.


  • Click on any transaction that you would like to review the specifics of, and you’ll be able to see all the details of the transaction displayed you can see on the screen.


  • That’s it.

Q14 How do I modify the number registered of JIO POS PLUS application?

  • Select ” Menu” > ” Settings


  • Simply click on ” Register your mobile


  • There will be an image that lists your agent’s mobile number. Make changes to your new mobile number by clicking ” UPDATE MOBILE


  • A OTP can be sent out to your old registered number for security purposes. You must enter the OTP and then submit it.
  • The new number for your mobile will be in the next 24 hours.

Note: You will get only an activation OTP with your new phone number. Other communications will go to that phone number you used when registering for retailership. If you encounter issues when receiving or sending messages via Jio sim, we recommend that you look into this article Jio’s sms center phone number to find solutions.

That’s it. You’ve successfully changed your Jio pos registered mobile.

Wrapping Up:

We’ve shared the complete information regarding jio Pos plus Apk or the method to download the Jio pos Plus update version. If you face any issues or questions, contact us via the comment section below. We will respond in the shortest time possible.

Please share this article with your family and friends.

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