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Mantra RD (Registered Device) Service enable the biometric based aadhaar authentication with registered device concept implemented by UIDAI.
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Jan 09, 2023
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Mantra RD Service APK

Download The Latest APK Version of Mantra RD Service APK. An Android Business App download Yours Now.

Mantra RD Service APK is a company that provides various services such as authentication, banking, and others. With the biometric based aadhaar authentication, users can sign in with the fingerprint, iris, or face recognition.

It is a convenient way for users to log in. Especially for those who are often away from home. The service is also suitable for people who are using smartphones, tablet PCs, or other mobile devices.

Users will be asked to scan their fingerprints on the fingerprint scanner. There is no need to remember passwords or PINs. Mantra RD Service application will recognize you easily. And the fingerprint authentication will be faster than passwords.

With a fingerprint, users can also make payments via cards and wallets. No need to worry about the data. It is protected from leaking.

The fingerprint will be stored safely and securely. And the data will never be misused. Mantra RD Service application also provides the best service with security. With Mantra RD Service application, users can enjoy banking, shopping, and other services that are currently available.

Mantra RD Service is an app that provides an alternative to traditional methods of authentication for businesses. Aadhaar is a unique identification number which is being used by many Indian states to identify residents.

There are many benefits of Aadhaar like a government subsidy scheme, various tax benefits, and social welfare schemes. Many people are afraid of the use of Aadhaar because of the many issues they face. Such as data breaches, and the threat of identity theft.

This is where Mantra RD comes in. It is an application that allows users to authenticate themselves to the government using their fingerprint.

With this, it is now possible to avoid the hassle of having to carry the Aadhaar card everywhere. The authentication process is extremely simple and quick. Also, it is very secure because of the fingerprint scanning technology.

Features of Mantra RD Service APK

Implementation of Registered Device concept by UIDAI

The Mantra RD Service APK implementation is a product of the biometrics based Aadhaar authentication with registered device concept, implemented by UIDAI, for the benefit of the users.

In a nutshell, the biometric based authentication with registered device concept allows the users to authenticate themselves with the Aadhaar authentication system by registering their mobile phone with the Aadhaar authentication system.

This means that any registered device (smartphone or tablet) can be used to verify the identity of the user.

Support for MFS100 as a Registered Device

MFS100 is a smart card that uses a fingerprint sensor as its primary biometric input. It can be used as a certified device to authorize Aadhaar number.

The MFS100 is registered by UIDAI. Users can install and run MFS100 with a valid UID on any device. The UID can be added to the MFS100 using the UIDAI web interface.

The MFS100 is also an authorized device for the eKYC API.

Support for integration with the application and backend server

Mantra RD Service is an extension to Mantra eKYC service. The eKYC service is used by Aadhaar Enabled service providers to provide Aadhaar based KYC services to their clients.

The eKYC service allows users to verify their identity and address using Aadhaar based biometric authentication and other details using Aadhaar based verification process.

In the same way, the RD service allows users to verify their identity and address using the registered biometric device.

Authenticate a user via registered biometric device

In this app you can enable your application to authenticate a user via registered biometric device. This is the only way for a user to authenticate with your application if his/her Aadhaar number is not available.

If you are developing an app which requires to authenticate a user via registered biometric device then you can use this RD service.

This Mantra RD service provides an interface to send a request to UIDAI for authentication of a user by sending the details of a registered biometric device.

After receiving the response from UIDAI, the service sends the token generated by the user in response to the request to the application and authenticates the user.

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