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MyTeam11 APK Download For Android

Download The Latest APK Version of MyTeam11 APK Download For Android. An Android Sports Apps download Yours Now.

Description of MyTeam11 APK

What is MyTeam11 APK?

MyTeam11 APK is a leading sports Fantasy Platform in India. It has a base of more than 10 million users and offers them the chance to earn money using their knowledge and skills in the Sports matches and Fantasy Sports.

What is Fantasy Sports?

Fantasy Sports is a kind of game that is played by users on the internet, mostly. Every user creates virtual teams to play the purpose of a Sports Match & when the game begins, the members of the team earn points based on their performance during the game. When the game the leaderboard is created using the all points earned by each team. Teams are awarded prize money based on their position on the leaderboard.

What Fantasy Sports can be downloaded for download on MyTeam11’s Download APK?

You can play the following Sports Fantasy matches on My Team 11 application download:

  • Fantasy Cricket
  • Fantasy Football
  • Fantasy Kabaddi
  • Fantasy Basketball
  • Fantasy Volleyball
  • Fantasy Hockey
  • Fantasy Baseball
  • Fantasy Handball
  • Fantasy Rugby
  • Fantasy US Football

How do I participate in Fantasy Cricket on MyTeam11 APK?

The step-by-step procedure for how for playing fantasy cricket using My Team 11 APK is detailed below:

  • First Step: Choose the Match First you need to choose the game in which you would like to take part. There are numerous games taking place across various Sports regularly. You can select the series or league matches you’re interested.
  • Step 2: Create Team After you’ve decided the sport you would like to take part You can then create your personal virtual team for that game. The team is created by selecting one of the eleven members from the team. It is necessary to adhere to specific rules while creating your team. A few of these rules are:
    • You are able to select up to seven players in one team.
    • You must select at least four players from both teams.
    • You can pick one or two wicket keepers and 2-6 Batsman, 1-6 Allrounders and 2-6 bowlers.
    • Each team member is given certain entry points. Then, players are required to score points based on their performance during the game.
  • 3. Select your captain and vice captain You must choose a captain and a vice captain for the team. Making the choice of captain and vice-captain essential since captains earn 2x points and vice captains earn 1.5x bonus points for work.
  • Step 4: Sign up for League Multiple Teams If the team is prepared then you can sign up for the league or contest. You can participate in one contest that has a maximum of 15 combinations of players. There are various kinds of contests that are available for download on myteam11 apk. The contests include:
    • My11team Mega Contest A contest where mega prizes are offered like a the Rs 1 Crore prize.
    • Head-to head contest An event that only two participants are allowed to participate. The person who wins more points will take all of the pool cash from the competition with him.
    • “Winner Takes All” In this kind of contest, the highest-ranked player wins the prize money, but the amount of players who participate in these contests is greater than 2.
    • Test Contests Contests that don’t charge entry fees, and you are able to participate in these contests free of charge only for practice purposes.
  • Phase 5: Earn winnings and Cash Bonus If you earn the highest rank for the contest to earn prizes, you will earn the cash as a reward and you are able to transfer the cash into your account at a bank. It is possible to transfer as little as 200 Rs and up to 100000 per day to your account at the bank using my team 11 app. There is no way to transfer cash bonus funds to your bank account due to the fact that this cash reward is awarded to the user by the team 11 application download based on certain special offers. This cash bonus is able to be used to participate in some contests that have an upper limit.

My Team 11 App Fantasy Points System

Fantasy Points System for each sport differs in the team I am in. The details of the points that are gained by the players through their catch, scores, wickets, and more are explained in my app for team 11.

MyTeam11 Login

My Team11 is incredible. If you are successful in completing your MyTeam11 Login, you’ll be awarded a Super Welcome Bonus of 100 rupees. The bonus is included in your MyTeam11 account. The bonus is able to be used to enter numerous contests available in the app. It’s cool!

What makes MyTeam11 APK superior to similar Fantasy Sports Apps?

We all know that there are plenty of Fantasy Sports apps available these times, making it difficult to decide which one to use at once. It is possible to refer to the these tips to assist you.

  • 100percent Legal and Secure All transactions made through My Team 11 APK are 100% safe and legal. If you’re adding money to your MyTeam11 wallet or transfer funds from your wallet to a your bank account, you don’t need to be concerned about anything. More than 18 million users have already downloaded the app and making these transactions every day.
  • 24/7 Customer Support If there’s a problem with my team 11 apk which you’d like to talk to the support team and you need to contact them anytime since they are there to assist you 24/7/365.
  • Very strict Fair play Policy The fantasy cricket play in My Team 11 is fair and the platform is very strict with fair play guidelines.
  • Instant withdrawals The most appealing feature about the myteam11 application is that it can withdraw funds from your the wallet in a matter of minutes and transfer the money directly to your banking account with a few simple steps. A thing to bear in mind is that you are not able to transfer less than 200 rupees in your bank account. You can only transfer money after you have verified your account on myteam11.
  • Amazing Cash Bonus Offers My team 11 apk offers cash rewards to its customers under various deals. The cash bonus is awe-inspiring and you can make use of the bonus to join the contests that are offered by My Team 11 App.

MyTeam11 Customer Care Number

If you wish to reach the Myteam11 team, you’ll be required first download the app. They’ve provided the option to speak to their customer support within the application within the app itself.

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