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Last Updated on Jan 13, 2024
The NextRadio app lets you experience live and local FM radio on your smartphone. Download FREE FM radio on your Android smartphone today!
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09 September 2021
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NextRadio Free Live FM Radio APK Download For Android

Download The Latest APK Version of NextRadio Free Live FM Radio APK Download For Android. An Android Music & Audio Apps download Yours Now.

Embark on an extraordinary audio journey with the NextRadio app – your portal to live and local FM radio directly on your smartphone. In this guide, we unveil the features that position NextRadio as essential for those who relish the allure of live, local radio broadcasts.

Seamless Integration of Live FM Radio

Real-Time Radio Enjoyment

NextRadio transcends the constraints of traditional radio listening, granting users the capability to tune in to live FM broadcasts directly on their Android smartphones. Immerse yourself in the pleasure of real-time radio, whether you find yourself at home, on the move, or exploring new places.

Localized Broadcasting

The app highlights the allure of local radio, enabling users to engage with their community through live broadcasts. Immerse yourself in the pulse of your city or town with localized programming, fostering a sense of connection and community engagement.

Effortless Installation and Setup

User-Friendly Interface

Navigating NextRadio is effortless, courtesy of its user-friendly interface. The app places a premium on simplicity, guaranteeing that users of all backgrounds can seamlessly explore, discover, and tune in to their favorite FM stations with ease.

Quick and Free Download

Effortlessly incorporate FM radio into your Android smartphone today with NextRadio’s swift and free download. The app eradicates the need for complicated installations, allowing you to relish live radio within moments.

Enhanced Listening Features

Visual Radio Experience

NextRadio surpasses traditional audio streaming by providing a visual radio experience. Witness album art, artist information, and station details in real time, enriching your overall listening pleasure with additional context and engagement.

Station Recommendations

Uncover new favorites with NextRadio’s station recommendations. The app utilizes smart algorithms to propose stations influenced by your listening history, introducing you to a diverse array of content customized to your preferences.

Optimization for Android Devices

Battery-Efficient Technology

NextRadio enhances your listening experience without compromising your device’s battery life. Indulge in extended radio sessions without the concern of excessive battery drain, guaranteeing you remain connected to your favorite stations throughout the day.

Android Integration

Crafted exclusively for Android, NextRadio seamlessly incorporates itself into the platform’s capabilities. Harness the full potential of your device’s features, ensuring a fluid and optimized experience for Android users.

Join the NextRadio Revolution

Community Engagement

NextRadio transcends being merely an app; it transforms into a community hub for radio enthusiasts. Connect with fellow listeners, exchange your favorite stations, and explore new content together, nurturing a sense of camaraderie within the vibrant NextRadio community.


NextRadio leads the way in bringing the timeless allure of live and local FM radio into the modern era. With its seamless integration, user-friendly interface, enriched listening features, and optimization for Android devices, NextRadio emerges as the preferred app for those in pursuit of an authentic and immersive radio experience on their smartphones. Elevate your listening journey today with NextRadio and rediscover the joy of live FM broadcasts at your fingertips.

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What's new

NextRadio is going back to basics. Streaming is no longer supported, but you can still tune to your favorite local stations on FM-enabled devices.

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