The Escapists APK Download For Android

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The Escapists APK Download For Android

Download The Latest APK Version of The Escapists APK Download For Android. An Android Action Game download Yours Now.

We sentence you to… escape!
The Escapists offers a humorous glimpse into prison life.Like all prisoners, escape is the main goal. You will be kept under close surveillance by guards as you go about your daily tasks secretly, keeping useful items out of reach of your captors. You will learn how to transform seemingly innocuous objects into useful tools, and then use them to implement clever diversionary strategies.Learn when you should keep your guard up and how to use your time wisely as you create your personal escape plans. Soon, it will become second nature to learn prison’s daily routines and spot potential routes.While it is important to keep your job, attend roll-call and keep your inmates on your side, you can also benefit by improving your character’s stats through various methods, such as increasing their intelligence and exercising regularly. To achieve your ultimate goal, escape and freedom, you must balance the mundane with thoughtful planning.

The Escapists APK Latest Version Features

You will find around 200 items, including 50+ craftable, in this game.

The Escapists simulator for Android lets you play as a prisoner to help him escape. You will be faced with many challenges and dangerous missions as you play this game. Be careful not to meet the guards as you travel through the prison. You can manage your character by looking for items and keys that will allow you to unlock all prison doors. Escape prison and run from the police. You will be delighted by the Escapists’ many items and bonuses. Compete with your friends to achieve record-breaking results in this game.

The Escapists Latest APK

The mobile version of “The Escapists”, which is identical to the PC’s, allows you to release large numbers of prisoners from prison. The game can be used to escape any kind of prison. Players can choose to use ordinary guards or to recruit horses to fight in major events. It is also possible to escape from large battles.

This tournament version will feature six levels of prison maps. The most difficult map was actually World War II’s POW military camp. I think this will make for a very challenging challenge.

First, the game’s theme is jailbreak. Players want to escape from prison and live in a comfortable, boring prison life. You have many options to escape prison. One is to secretly dig through the prison fence to escape. Another option is to fool guards to open prison gates. However, these are only possible if you are able to keep up with prison life.

Players must adhere to the prison’s rules, follow the instructions, eat according to plan, and exercise. What should you do if you behave badly and are being stared at by the prison guards? It is the same as the game that failed.

The game uses a day and night cycle of the timing system, the player every day in addition to follow the itinerary activities, but also in his spare time to secretly implement their own jailbreak program, such as NPC to other NPC tasks to be performed to obtain gold coins, and then use NPC to go to the NPC Buy Escape or Quest Essentials.-apKawArd.cOm

You can also adjust your intimacy settings to make it less intimate between you and prison guards. They can give them similar items if they want to please them. Intimacy will be decreased if they send the wrong item.

You may feel the game is difficult at first. You can actually understand the game after some exploration. If you don’t feel comfortable playing, then play a few days in-game to get to know it better.

Prisons can be a source of inspiration for fiction of all types, including video games. The plot of the EscapistsThis retro adventure game is about escaping from a prison. It’s a great retro adventure game.

Don’t be too public and don’t make a big deal about it.

This game takes you to various prisons in stunning 2D pixel scenes… it even reminds you of the dungeon or roguelike games that were so popular in the eighties and nineties. Our goal is to escape, and we do that by using the best tools available. Take objects and make tools or weapons from them. You can also interact with other characters to move the furniture…

This game simulates prison routines and situations. You must get rid of guards and prisoners who are trying to stop you keep up good appearances and show up on time for roll call.

These are its main features:

  • There are many prisons you can escape from, including minimum security prisons and dangerous prisons such as Alcatraz.
  • You can steal and exchange objects, and combine them to make dangerous weapons.
  • Trade with other prisoners
  • To ensure that your alarm does not go off at 99%, avoid using smuggling detectors.
  • Use your intuition to control.
  • To increase your strength, take advantage of the exercise opportunities in the yard.

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