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Revenge is a dish best served cold. Say hi to your new stress reliever because it will be non-stop prank games with your friends. Magic? Occult? Play god or the devil, and have fun pulling pranks to get your sweet revenge. Did that passerby just cut your line? Has your ex been cheating on you? Well, it’s time to give them what they deserve.
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Voodoo Doll APK

Download The Latest APK Version of Voodoo Doll APK Download For Android. An Android Arcade Game download Yours Now.

Voodoo Doll APK is a cool, funny and exciting game. It is about a girl who was a victim of a terrible accident. She lost her boyfriend and was in the hospital. But her boyfriend came back, and this time, he is a ghost. You must help this ghost find a way to get revenge on the girl who caused his death. You can play as a ghost, a girl or a guy. There are over 40 characters to choose from, and all of them have their own unique skills. You will have to find the right ways to deal with your enemies, and make sure that they never get away with their crimes. 

Voodoo Doll is a free game that is filled with magic and mystery. Enter the mysterious world of Voodoo Doll where you will experience a range of emotions and adventures. With your supernatural powers, you will be able to play pranks on your enemies and watch them squirm in agony. Play this game to feel the power of revenge!

You will need to create an account and enter the magical world of Voodoo Doll. There are a variety of options available for you to choose from. Your actions will affect the gameplay in different ways. For example, you can summon ghosts to attack your enemies, or use the magic wand to cast spells on your enemies. You can also use the wand to change your appearance, and even use it to become invisible.

When you play Voodoo Doll, you will feel like a real witch. Become the ultimate Voodoo Doll master and learn new spells and abilities to dominate your enemies. In this game, you will not just watch your enemies suffer, you will also inflict harm on them!

Voodoo Doll is a classic platformer game with a twist. Play as a witch who uses her magic powers to create traps and obstacles for her enemies. Use the powers of your voodoo doll to pull off tricks and perform various actions to defeat your foes.

Play as the Voodoo Witch and use her magic powers to create traps for your enemies and take revenge on those who wronged you. Create an array of traps and obstacles to keep your enemies away from you.

As you progress through the game, you will gain access to more powerful magic abilities. You will also unlock more powerful voodoo dolls and items. Your goal is to reach the end of the level, but beware – you have to beat your opponents first.

Features of Voodoo Doll APK

Simple controls and easy to learn

Voodoo Doll APK is simple and easy to play. You can control the game by swiping left and right on the screen.

You will have to swipe right to get more coins, and swipe left to go back. If you want to get the maximum amount of coins, then you must swipe up and down. Swipe left and right to move the car. If you want to get the maximum amount of coins, then you must swipe up and down.

Multiple endings to your pranks

You don’t need to worry about your opponents because Revenge is a multiplayer game. So, you can play with your friends and family. Make your friends laugh as you play and have fun by pulling some pranks on them. Pull pranks on your ex and watch them cringe as you make them suffer for cheating on you. Pull pranks on your friends and see how they react.

Revenge will have a different ending for every single prank. So, you can play and have fun as long as you want.

Intuitive gameplay with lots of twists

When it comes to Revenge, the most important thing is that it will bring back the fun times with your friends. To make sure that you and your friends have an awesome time, the game has been designed with a lot of fun tricks and interesting gameplay mechanics.

Besides the simple and intuitive controls, the game also features the ability to play against each other in various modes. And, if you think that your skills are not enough, you can always practice the magic tricks with the help of the powerups and boosters.

Challenge your friends to compete in the leaderboards

This game is the most fun you’ll ever have playing prank games with your friends. You can challenge your friends to compete in the leaderboards to see who’s the best prankster. And if you’re not having enough fun with your friends, you can play with the devil or the gods. But remember that revenge comes at a price. So, if you’re going to play prank games with your friends, don’t forget to bring your wallet.


You control a doll that moves around the screen. Voodoo Doll begins with the doll in a state of sleep. After waking up, you can perform actions such as hitting, kicking, spitting, punching, shaking, scratching, and kissing. You can also throw objects at your enemies. The more you play, the more your doll will evolve. There are more than 50 different dolls to choose from and each one has its own special skills.

As you play, you will earn more powerups, which will help you do more damage, kick harder, or even break bricks. The more powerful your doll is, the more you will need to unlock new dolls.

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