YouTube Pink APK 16.38.39 Download For Android

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16 January 2022
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YouTube Pink APK Download For Android

Download The Latest APK Version of YouTube Pink APK Download For Android . An Android Social Apps download Yours Now.

We all know about YouTube and each one of us is using it. However, there are certain limitations that users encounter on YouTube and YouTube.

To get around the limitations that are encountered through YouTube it is advised installing YouTube Pink App on all your device. With this app you will be able to access numerous features that are not available on YouTube. It is also possible to play videos in the background. YouTube such as playing videos in the background.

Control of brightness on the screen, and no restrictions on the countries are the primary characteristics and highlights of the application. If you’d like to know more about the remaining options of the application, be sure to keep reading the post.

The main features of this application are listed below.


It will recommend videos of your particular interest. The videos you’ve searched up to now will be your recommendations list.

For example, if you enjoy watching sci-fi films, your recommendations list will display the films that contain themes and ideas of science and fiction .

Elegant theme

The concept of the app is appealing. The whole theme will be colored in shades of pink. Whatever the the notification area, the areas for search, suggestions or watch later in the short each module will be colored pink.

This is the reason why the application is dubbed Pink YouTube because of the theme and the color it uses. The color is so feminine and is the reason it is loved by women. This color is cool and soft that it doesn’t bother you as much.

However, keep in mind that you don’t have to view the videos or make use of the application using a pink. You are able to switch to a different theme as well, based on your preferences.

Dark Mode

Many social media platforms have switched to dark mode to improve convenience of users. The same goes for YouTube. for this app. It is possible to change into your Dark themes that the app uses instead of the pink theme anytime you’d like.

All you need to do is turn on it to turn off the light mode in within the options of the application at any time you’d like to.

Background Mode

You can switch to a different application as you are watching videos. Like the other variations of YouTube when switching to another program, the video ceases to play slowly.

However, with the YouTube Pink Apk, you’re not likely to encounter this issue. Your streamed video will play as background. It is also important to remember that you can also avail the same feature in Youtube Red and Youtube Blue as well.

It is possible to chat with friends on any social media app. Your video won’t be interrupted. Whichever messaging program you use, your video will not be stopped or paused.

Brightness of the screen

If the brightness of your screen is making you uncomfortable or irritating your eyes, you won’t be able to adjust the brightness of the screen via to the area of notification.

You can set the brightness of the video by sliding the video’s screen. The brightness can be set depending on your preference.

Videos On-Repeat

The video can be played repeatedly. If you are a fan of any type of video, regardless of type, when you play it repeatedly and it will play the video repeatedly, no matter whether it is in the background or foreground.

No Restrictions

In the majority of YouTube videos, you are subject to the limitations of age and nationality. However, with pink YouTube you’re not bound by the restrictions of the country or age.

No advertisements

The new version on YouTube does not display ads in the videos. Therefore, you can watch as many videos without ads. Any length of video can be watched without any irritation of ads.

Double Tap

As opposed to closing your YouTube application and the videos instead, you can let your YouTube sleep immediately by double tapping onto the display. If you tap wherever you want on YouTube Pink YouTube. YouTube will be asleep at the same time.


Personally, what I enjoy the most about YouTube pink Apk is the ability to play the videos’ songs in the background of applications. This feature was missing in the older version YouTube and was a feature that was desired by users for years.

Alongside these options There are many more aspects of the application users can use, including the ability to control the brightness via the slide of the screen etc. In the end, you should test the app at least at least once.

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